Beachlife in lockdown is a photographic project born on March 22, 2020,  twenty four hours before PM Boris Johnson announced the official start of the lockdown in the UK.
Although I live in Manchester, the second most populous city in the United Kingdom, I decided to make this photo documentary in Blackpool (60km from Manchester), one of the most visited seaside resort town in England.
Blackpool still retains the appeal of its glory years that lasted until the early '90s, years when its slow decline began.

The hot spring days, one of the hottest in the past 90 years, have prompted thousands of Britons to spill onto Blackpool's beaches.
Attracted by its vintage look, by its infinite promenade and by my constant call for the sea, I decided to spend entire days on the promenade of this English town to document the everyday life of british citizens during the lockdown period .
In full line with the policy implemented by the government of Boris Johnson, the Britons experienced this lockdown with tranquility, light-heartedness and at times with a disarming superficiality.
Throughout this period, the Britons have seen European countries such as Italy and Spain, the martyrs of this "war" against the virus, without giving much weight and importance to the growing numbers within their borders.

 The PM Boris Johnson and the Minister of Health Hancock through the establishment of several national-popular slogans (Stay Safe, Stay Alert, Protect the NHS,) have repeatedly declared that they rely on the good "civic sense" of the British people, without never impose a real ban.

All the photos were taken in Blackpool, in a period from March 22 to June 25.
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